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"I see that you are crying, for it is my moment to leave. Don't cry, please..."

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AUTHOR UNKNOWN - Poem from your dog on their passing

"My dear human,

I see that you are crying, for it is my moment to leave. Don't cry, please. I want to explain some things to you. You're sad because I left, but I'm glad I met you. How many dogs like me die daily without meeting someone special like you?

I know it saddens you my departure, but I had to go now. I want to ask you not to blame yourself for anything. I heard you sobbing that you should have done something else for me. Don't say that, you've done a lot for me! Without you I would have known nothing of the beauty I carry with me today.

You must know that we animals live the present intensely and we are very wise: we enjoy every little thing every day, and forget the bad past quickly. Our lives begin when we know love, the same love you gave me, my angel without wings and two legs.

No more crying, please. I'll be happy. I have in memory the name you gave me, the warmth of your house that in this time became mine. I take the sound of your voice talking to me, even though I don't always understand what you were saying to me.

I carry in my heart every caress you gave me. Everything you did was very valuable to me and I thank you endlessly, I don't know how to tell you, because I don't speak your language, but surely in my eyes you could see my gratitude.

I'm just gonna ask for two favours. Wash your face and start smiling.

Remember how good we live together these moments, remember the antics I made to cheer you up. Relive like me all the good we share in this time. And do not say you will not adopt another animal, because you have suffered a lot from my departure. Without you I would not live the beauties I lived.

Please don't do this! There are many like me waiting for someone like you. Give them what you gave me, please, they need it just like I needed you." 

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